Vision & Mission

in Ghumarwin District Bilaspur(H.P.) and Hathnora
in Central Narmada valley (M.P.) have put India on the world map for having yielded the rare fossil remains of our earliest Ďape-mení
and early human ancestors,
Unfortunately, Himachal Pradesh has since lacked palaeoanthropological institutions and therefore could not prevent going out of such rare heritage.

This Society, therefore aims to take the Palaeo Sciences to the Society and educate people through awareness programmes and by creating minimal infrastructures to explore, collect, research, preserve and display humankindís ancient bio-cultural heritage, and in addition, utilize this unique aspect to attract national and international scholarship as well as heritage tourism.

Appeal: The Society can fulfill one of its main missions if the people/scholars do not sell/buy any fossil and cultural antiquity collected by chance or intentionally from the Siwaliks and deposit the same to Society's upcoming museum at Ghumarwin Distt.Bilaspur(HP). They may be taken on loan for study if desired.

Disclaimer:- Most of the images shown on the header are personal, but several images shown in low resolution in a collage are taken from various sources available on internet for which Palaeo Research Society has no copy right, and they are just added for charitable educational purposes.