1. It is encouraging that several scholars joined as members of the PRS during the first half of 2014, namely, Sri Rana Chakraborty ( Kolkata), Dr. Pardeep Bhardwaj (Sikkim), Dr. Amit Pathak, Sri Satish Jain and Sri Amrit Rai Jain (Merut), Mrs. Sujata Kumari and Miss Ankita Kumari (Ghumarwin).

2. The President PRS (Dr. A.R. Sankhyan) conducted archaeological explorations on the river terraces of the Sirkhad – a tributary of River Satluj. The PRS members Mrs. Jamuna Sankhyan, Mrs. Sujata Kumari and Miss Ankita Kumari eagerly accompanied him and learnt to recognize the Palaeolithic implements. He spent several days in exploring the Choe and Sir Khad terraces and made a large collection of about 100 Palaeolithic artefacts from Ghumarwin east of the courts along the rock cave shelter, and many places along the Sirkhad close to the Bridge and the Stadium, near Kasohal, Padohri-Delag, and Bela-Matyal close to the “Churel Gufa”. For the first time so many Lower Stone Age tools were discovered which includes handaxes, cleavers, and choppers, backed knives, tortoise cores, side and round scrapers. The findings reveal that the Stadium area at Ghumarwin was the natural abode of the Stone Age man.

3. All of us named above along with Sri Sohan Lal Sharma by hiring a car made a day exploratory trip in the Upper Siwalik terrain near Una, Bhakhra-Nangal, Samtehan, and on the Naina Devi foothills near Kiratpur Sahib-Gara More. We could identify one fossiliferous locality but with fragmentary fossil evidences.

4. During this period the PRS President was also scientifically engaged in editing a book entitled “New Discoveries & Perspectives in Human Evolution” which contained 23 research articles most of which were presented in the international conference on Exploring Human origins: Exciting discoveries at the start of the 21st Century.. organised and chaired by Dr. A.R. Sankhyan him under the 17th World Anthropology Congress held in Manchester (UK) in August 2013. The book is with the BAR Archeopress England.

5. On the invitation of Professor Henry de Lumley, Director of Institut de Paleontologie Humaine, Paris (France) Dr. A.R. Sankhyan visited France from 21 June to 28 June 2014 to attend the international conference on the theme "Les hominids du Pliocène et du Pléistocène inférieur et moyen dans le monde : La place de I'Homme de Tautavel : Un Homo heidelbergensis il y a 450000 ans". He made a requested presentation on “New hominin, Faunal and Palaeolithic Findings from Central Narmada valley (lndia) bearing on the status of Narmada Hominins".

Some pictures of the place, delegated of the Conference are attached. PRS activities-April-June-14