Dr. Anek R. Sankhyan, President PRS visited UK for organising a Conference Panel BH13: "Exploring Human Origins: Exciting Discoveries at the start of the 21st Century" as Convenor under the 17th World Anthropology Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES) held under the broad theme of "Evolving Humanity and Emerging Worlds".

His panel brought out at one place the most exciting fossil discoveries made since 2000 AD of the hominoids, hominids, hominins and early modern humans and their archaeological, artistic and genomic signatures highlighting important features and evolutionary implications at regional/continental/ intercontinental levels. Many notable anthropologists, palaeontologists, palaeoanthropologists, archaeologists, primatologists and molecular geneticists, evolutionary biologists, and other social scientists of different countries deliberated to enhance our understanding of the emergence of our species, Homo sapiens, its expansion and divinity.

Dr. Sankhyan also visited Museum of Manchester University, The British Museum, British Museum of Natural History and other famous places in London. He interacted with Prof. Leslie Aeillo- President of the Wenner Gren Foundation, Professor Chris Stringer, a renowned palaeoanthrpologist at British Museum of Natural History (London), and other distinguished scholars, like Prof. Robin Dennell (UK), Prof. John Hawks (USA), Prof. Anne Dambricourt Mallasse (France), etc. His visit was significant for the development of the Palaeo Research Society and for its international identity.