i. Registration of the Society on 12th July
ii. President applied for Research Grant to Leakey Foundation, Kenya for systematic explorations in Haritalyangar area on 15 July
iii. Held first General Body Meeting on 22nd July
iv. News in Himachal This Week flashed on 27July
v. News in Daily Post Chandigarh flashed on 28 July
vi. News in India Post flashed on 28 July


The 'Palaeo Research Society ’ (in short PRS) registered (No.30/2012) on 12-7-12 at Ghumarwin under H.P Society Act 2006 (in consonance with India Society Registration Act 1860), held its first General Body meeting on Sunday 22nd July 2012 at 4 pm at the Society’s present office, and attended by 13 (listed from 1 to 13) out of 17 members and the quorum was complete. The meeting was chaired by Shri Rajesh Dharmani, MLA, Constituency Ghumarwin and Honorary Patron of the Society.

The various agenda based on the aims and objectives of the PRS were discussed and the following observations were made and resolutions taken:-

1. The President PRS, Dr. A.R. Sankhyan welcomed the members and apprised the members the necessity, relevance and aims and objectives of the PRS by illustrating the scientific history of Haritalyangar-Ghumarwin Siwaliks, Narmada valley and other parts of India in the world context through a Power-Point presentation and 3D.

2. The President informed that 17 members who have signed the Memorandum of Association constitute the General Body. In addition there are 11 distinguished scholars listed from different states of India, who if formally join may be taken as ‘Scientific Members’ of the Palaeo Research Centre (PRC).
3.The house discussed and unanimously elected the following members to the Governing Body and authorized them to go ahead with the various programmes and objectives of the PRS:-

President: Dr. A.R. Sankhyan
Vice President: Dr. Krishan Anand
Secretary: Adv. Chander Sekhar
Joint Secretary: Manuj Sankhyan
Treasurer: Shri J.K. Sharma
Executive Members: Shri S.L. Sharma, Shri Vivek Gautam

4. The President PRS proposed to construct the Website of the PRS as a first necessity for its global international identity and transparent functioning, seeking grants etc. The website works with the internet connection (broadband), which is required. The house approved the proposal and gave President a free hand in this respect.
Action by: Dr. A.R. Sankhyan

5. One of the major objectives of the PRS discussed was to take measures to protect a portion of the fossil bearing Hari Devi Scarp at Haritalyangar, and create public awareness programmes protection and preservation of our ancient bio-cultural heritage through a series of popular lectures and programmes in public and educational institutions. The H.P. Govt. may be approached and requested not to allow the fossils and antiquities going out of the State which should be deposited at PRS museum.
Action by: Dr. L.R. Sharma, Shri Raj Kumar Gautam & Shri Vivek Gautam
6. The second major objective and requirement of the PRS discussed was to set up a Palaeo Research Centre (PRC) at Ghumarwin which would explore the Siwaliks and other areas to collect museum specimens. The housed agreed that the PRC may operate from the PRS office itself, and the President PRS being the specialist shall be the director & principal investigator, and is empowered to employ the required research and field/ lab investigators from among the ‘scientific members’ who may be re-designated as ‘PRC members’. To start with one PRS member, readily accessible to the President and the Secretary, may be employed as office staff for PRS & PRC routine office work, computer operations, typing, printing, xeroxing, scanning and internet and website operations.
Action by: Dr. A.R. Sankhyan, Shri Sohan Lal Sharma, Adv. Chander Sekhar & Shri J.K. Sharma

7. The third major objective discussed was to look for accommodation for the Museum. For this the President and Dr. P.C. Sharma (Chandigarh) indicated the Federation Store Building located adjacent to the New Court building at Ghumarwin a good choice if available. A team of members shall look for this.

8. The fourth major PRS objective discussed was to look for an appropriate site for the Fossil Park to portray the World of human ancestors in 3 D. The President and Dr. P.C. Sharma considered a part of the forest strip adjacent to above mentioned Federation Store Building as an ideal choice location for the Fossil Park, rather for entire establishments of the PRS including Museum and the Research Centre at a very minimal cost. The suitability for the Fossil Park is due to the fact of a prehistoric man’s Rock-Shelter here in addition to fossiliferous Siwalik rock beds, wild life and natural bounty. The Chairman also added that this location being very near to the upcoming Chandigarh-Manali four-lane route passing via Bagher. So, the Fossil Park here would stop at least 1/4th of the international tourists on way to Manali and Kangra. He suggested that the PRS needs to apply for land allotment to the District authority.
Action for item 7 & 8 by: Mrs. Rita Sehgal, Shri Satpal, Mrs Vinod Sheela, Dr. A.R. Sankhyan, Adv. Chander Sekhar

9. The house approved the proposed subscription of Rs 2000/- as Life Membership, which may be collected by the Treasurer and deposited in the bank by opening an account in the name of the 'Palaeo Research Society ’. The house also desired that the members, notably the patrons donate liberally themselves and or arrange donations to allow the PRS functional in a befitting way. The names of the donors shall be shown in the Website along with the amount of donation made by them under different categories.
Action by: Shri J.K. Sharma, Adv. Chander Sekhar

The meeting ended with vote of thanks by the Secretary of the PRS.