1. Dr. A.R. Sankhyan and Shri Sohan Lal Sharma explored the Siwalik areas and have made an important research publication in the renowned scientific Journal of Himalaya Geology in its January 2014 issue. They have described very important and rare fossils of Deinotherium -the earliest hoe-tusker elephants which lived in  Indian Siwaliks of Nurpur (Kangra) and Ramnagar (Udhampur) duing 12 to 8 million years ago.

Research publication by PRS.

Pdf copy of publication :- 2014-Sankhyan-Sharma-Deinotherium

2. In January 2014, the PRS President Dr. Sankhyan was invited by the Anthropological Survey of India, Kolkata as External Expert to take interviews of the Junior and Senior Research Fellows of the Survey.

3. The President revised the earlier proposal sent to GOI in January 2013 for the Prehistoric Park-cum Museum at Ghumarwin Siwalik town. This was sent through Shri Rajesh Dharmani, Chief Parliamentary Secretary (H.P. Govt.) to the Ministry of Culture (GOI) New Delhi in December 2013.

4. A 'Land Availability Certificate' was prepared by the President PRS after following the long revenue process of over one-year. It was sent through H.P. Govt. to the Ministry of Culture (GOI) New Delhi in February 2014.