A. Three new members have joined the PRS during this period, namely:
1. Sandeep Dharmani, Inspector Posts, Bari Manjherwan, Ghumarwin (HP).
2. Pardeep Thakur, Principal, Krishna Colony, Ghumarwin.
3. Ms Tanusree Pandit, Senior Reseach Fellow (Palaeo) in Anthropological Survey of India, Kolkata.
B. The Dr AR Sankhyan (President, PRS) is awarded a Visiting Fellowship by the Anthropological Survey of India, Govt. of India.
1. Under this scheme he finished a write up a new book entitled “Indian Origins” from September to December 2014.
2. Delivered Lecture on Palaeoanthropology and Siwaliks during 12-16 January 2015 at Kolkata.
3. Conducted fieldwork in the Siwaliks during third week of January to mid March 2015.
4. Deliberatted in a Seminar on Harappane Civilization on skeletal pathology and cranial varation.
5. Acted as a Resource Person in the national seminar in the department of Anthropology, Punjab University Chandigarh (10-11 March 2015) and delivered a lecture of Indus- Saraswati Civilization.