Activities: May to August 2017

Setting up and opening of the Palaeo Museum at Ghumarwin, Distt. Bilaspur(HP)

Some exhibits of Dr. Sankhyan’s mini Palaeo Museum Ghumarwin, Distt. Bilaspur(HP)

Dr. AR Sankhyan,received Bharat Gaurav Award on 24 August 2017 from former Governor Bhishm Narain Singh, Shri Bhartendu Katju former Supreme Court Judge, and other dignitaries.

Research Publications:

1. Report of human fossil Femora and Humeri from Narmada valley (2017-Femora-Humeri-IJAR.2017.386)

2. Poratble Art (2017-PoratbleArt-IJCR-25950)

3. Sacra-study and report (2017-Sacra-study and report_IJAR.2017.270)

4. Statures estimation of prehistoric men (2017-Statures- IJFP-2332-287X-05-302)