The Society shall admit interested persons, technical and professionals as Members who support and propagate the aims and objectives of the Society on the basis of life membership awarded on payment of Rs.2000/- [for Indians and developing countries] and Rs.1000/- [for undergraduate students-Indian and developing countries] or US $ 100 [for developed countries] and US $ 50 [for undergraduate students-developed countries] as fee at present. The members may become patrons, advisers, consultants, scientific and field investigators and staff members as follows:-

(a.) Honorary Patrons: Any dignitary like Governor, Ambassador, Vice Chancellor, Chief Minister, Minister, sitting or ex- M.P. and M.L.A., renowned Academician, Administrator, Journalist and the like, who express support for the cause of the Society directly or indirectly would be admitted as the Honorary Patrons with or without formal membership.

(b.) Patrons: The Governing Body will designate Members as Patrons, Chief Patrons or Emeritus Patrons as per the extent of liberal financial support in cash or in kind like gift of accommodation or land, etc. to further the cause of the Society.

(c.) Advisors & Consultants: Members as experienced administrators, technical and scientific experts in Palaeo Sciences/ Museum/ Architecture, etc. may be designated as Advisors & Consultants on regular/part time basis with or without honorarium as and when required.

(d.) Investigators: Among the admitted Members, the Society shall have one Principal Investigator and several Research Investigators and Field investigators, who will work on fellowship/ honorarium/daily field allowance basis as decided by the Governing body, shall carry out the research explorations, collect museum specimens and prepare scientific publications, books, general /popular reports or brochures, etc. for the Society as follows:-
(i) Principal Investigator (PI): One distinguished office bearer of the Society specialist in the prime specialty (Palaeoanthropology) with grasp on other Palaeo Sciences shall be the PI and over-all in-charge of the research domains of the Society in the field, laboratory and museum. He/she shall be the key person responsible for the scientific publications, books, reports, etc. and shall deliberate in various scientific and public meetings/seminars/conferences of the Society or represent on its behalf elsewhere.
(ii) Research Investigators: The PI shall identify scholars of different Palaeo Sciences from India and abroad admitted as formal members who may be contracted by the Governing body for the required period of services in the field/laboratory/museum.
(iii) Field Investigators: The PI shall identify Field Investigators who may be qualified/ trained scholars or amateur fossil hunters or village field collectors with such skills who shall be contracted by the Governing Body on regular /part time/daily basis whenever required with or without membership.

(e.) Staff Members: The Governing Body may employ a few young office bearers of the Society on regular or part time basis for all secretarial office work, computer operations like typing, printing, faxing, scanning, xeroxing, internet, etc., and for the laboratory-cum-museum and field exploration assistance.