President of Palaeo Research Society:

Born in 1951 in the Siwaliks near hominoid Haritalyangar (H.P.), India in vill. Chunjhani (Marhana); had schooling at GHS school Bharari, Bilaspur (H.P.) in 1969; graduated & post-graduated in Science with B.Sc. (Medical) 1972 & M. Sc. (Anthropology) in 1974; PhD on ‘Pleistocene hominins & associated findings from the Central Narmada Valley bearing on human evolution in South Asia’ from Panjab University Chandigarh.

Since 1975 worked in the Anthropological Survey of India on 14 Research projects; specialized in hominoid and human origins; headed Palaeoanthropology for 20 years. Supervised researches of many senior and junior research fellows; collaborated with notable US scholars. Has been University Examiner; Associate Editor of Journal of Anthropological Survey of India (1991-2000), member Editorial Board ‘Advances in Anthropology’ (USA) 2011-. Published >60 research papers, 54 ethnographic articles & 4-books (3 edited, 1- submitted (2010). Significant research contributions include new discoveries of hominoid and human fossils, fauna & Palaeolithic industries from Narmada Quaternary & Siwalik Tertiary, Trepanations in Neolithic Burzahom (Kashmir) and Bronze Age Harappan skulls,

Scientific Visits Abroad:
(i) African Countries (2006) :India Govt. nominee of ‘Gondwanaland Expedition’ to Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Lake Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland & South Africa visited Olduvai Gorge, Olorgesailie, Malema, Narok, Masai Mara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater; tribes: Masaai, Zulu, etc.; delivered lectures in many universities also made presentation before the President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in September 2006.
(ii) Indonesia (2007): Invited scholar to present in the International Seminar on SE Asian Paleoanthropology & Chaired a Session; visited Trinil, Sambunmacan and Sangiran sites & Hobbits Liang Bua Cave.
(iii) France (2009): Invited scholar for a joint Indo-French research program by Professor Henry de Lumley (IPH); visited cave sites of Arago, Lezaret and Terra Amata; also delivered lectures.
(iv) China (2009): Invited scholar as chairman & organizer of the international session “Hominoid and Human Evolution with Special Reference to Asia: New evidences & New Interpretations” in the 16th IUAES, Kunming; visited IVPP, Lufeng, Zhoukoudian & Nihewan basin sites; also delivered lectures.
(v) Sri Lanka (2010) : presented in the Congress of ‘Society for South Asian Archaeologists’ (SOSAA) on “Global Cooling and Human Evolution” & chaired a session.
(vi) Visit to Manchester (UK) (2013): as Convener to organize the conference Panel BH13:”Exploring human Origins: Exciting discoveries at the start of 21st Century” in the World Anthropology Congress of the 17th IUAES
Academic Memberships & Biographies:
Life Member Indian Science Congress; Indian Anthropological Society; Dental Anthropological Association (U.S.A.); Directory of Indian Anthropologists (AnSI, Kolkata), The Pioneers of Indian Period from 1947: The Andaman’s Negrito (Switzerland); International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, etc.          Read more...