1. To set up a Palaeo Research Centre (PRC). The PRC shall conduct systematic explorations in the Tertiary-Quaternary sediments of the Siwaliks and other parts of India and collect fossil remains and archaeological artifacts, eco-climatic signatures, etc. The PRC will be headed by a Director who will also be the Principal Investigator of the research project/s. The President of the Palaeo Research Society (PRS) shall perform these tasks and deploy the required Research Investigators from among the listed scientific members and Field Investigators who will be designated ‘PRC Members’; other required field and laboratory staff shall also be recruited by PRC.

2. To develop a human natural history museum. This will house the collections made by the PRC and others, and shall portray the emergence, adaptations and destiny of humankind, and its preparedness for future man-made and climatic challenges. A Museum Committee will be set up in due course to prepare and execute plans for this.

3. To set up a Fossil Science Park
as an out door structure. Here ‘the extinct world of human ancestors’ shall be recreated in 3D with some inputs of attractive scientific gadgets to serve as unique public theatre of scientific awareness and recreation. This would potentially attract national and international scholarship and heritage tourism. The PRS shall constitute a Committee to plan and look into various aspects of the Fossil Park