The Aims and Objectives:

The specific aims & objectives of the Palaeo Research Society are as follows:
1. To urge government/s to protect certain important primate/ hominoid/hominid fossil localities in the temple scarp of Hari Devi in Haritalyangar area threatened with recent human interventions.

2. To organise popular and scientific lectures in public and in educational institutions in order to let Himachal Pradesh be aware of and realize as being the most ancient adim-bhumi and patronage Palaeoanthropology to study, protect and preserve its ancient bio-cultural heritage.

3. To set up a Palaeo Research Centre for conducting systematic explorations in the Tertiary-Quaternary sediments of the Siwaliks and other parts of India and collect fossil remains and archaeological artefacts, eco-climatic signatures, etc.

4. To develop a human natural history museum to house the collections and portray the emergence, adaptations and destiny of humankind, and its preparedness for future man-made and climatic challenges.

5. To set up a Fossil Science Park recreating in 3D ‘the extinct world of human ancestors’ as unique theatre of public scientific education and recreation that would attract national and international scholarship and tourism.

6. To organise scientific meetings/seminars/conferences for sharing and disseminating scientific updates, and publish research findings through brochures/ pamphlets and literary articles and books.

7. To mobilize resources and funds through individual donors and governments, and national and international funding agencies to acquire/purchase movable/immovable property in the name of the Society for achieving the aforesaid goals.

8. To collaborate with similar societies or organizations in H.P., elsewhere in India and abroad to expand the horizon of activities.